Improv Scene Work

com Stephen Thornton

24, 27 e 28  de Setembro de 2019

Terça e Sexta 20h às 23h

Sábado 14h às 17h



Stephen Thornton has been studying and working in improvisation since 2001. From 2006 to 2018 he was performing improv on the stages of NYC and in Improv Festivals while continuing his improv education, while living in New York City, taking classes at The Peoples Improv Theater (PIT) and studying with some of the great improv teachers from around the country including: David Razowsky (David Razowsky Workshops), Michael Gellman (The Second City), Gary Austin (Founder of the Groundlings).

Since 2010, he has been coaching improv teams and teaching Improvisational Theatre workshops in NYC and abroad in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Step Into The Unknown: Improvisational Theatre Scene Work 

~This workshop will be conducted in English~


When an actor steps out to do an improv scene, they know nothing about what’s about to happen.
They take a leap of faith into the unknown.

They say that people’s greatest fear is not the unknown; it is not knowing [what’s going to happen]. But it is in this spot of the unknown and not knowing that MAGIC can happen. This is what improvisers thrive on. This workshop is designed to give the participants the necessary tools to take that step into the unknown.

During these 3 days of workshops, participants will learn and use the tools that are essential for improvising and developing scenes. We will focus on how to sustain a 5 minute scene by making active positive choices, honoring the physical and verbal reality of the scene, being in the moment, building colorful scenes through active listening using reaction and response over invention, supporting their fellow player(s), finding your character and enjoy exploring the unknown.

This workshop is for anyone with or without improv experience. Whether you are curious to explore improvisation for the first time, or you would like to strengthen the improvisation knowledge and skills you already have.


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